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Airport Security Services

Airport Security Services: Airports must be protected against multiple types of threats and raids, even beyond conventional airport security. Ironguard Security results provide well-trained, capable, professional security guards for the airports, whether posted in parking lots, on the runways, inside terminals, near gates, or before entrances. Ironguard Protection Patrol security…
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Warehouse Security Services

Warehouse Security Services: Ironguard Protection Patrol Promising the truthfulness of your warehouse and distribution operation. We deliver presentable and professional warehouse Security Guard in CA who are completely certified, trained, and licensed. To secure integrity in your warehouse operations, we offer bespoke, reliable, and round-the-clock security professionals who are well-advised…
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Hospital Security Services

Hospital Security Services: Hospitals are operative venues, where professionals, patients, and visitors interact 24/7 to provide everyday care for their illnesses. Many times, entry points are left public, even at nighttime, so patients and medics can move voluntarily, which poses a threat to the complex. Ironguard protection patrol understands this…
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